The Bible tells us that Jesus’ earthly father, Joseph, was a carpenter (Matthew 13:55).So probably Jesus worked as a carpenter, too. But we do not know if He ever made gifts of wood and gave them to people.
And our Bible Reading tells us that Jesus made a coin appear in a fish’s mouth. But we don’t know if Jesus ever gave a gift of money. Maybe Jesus never gave gifts of money or wood. But He gave His love when He died on the cross. Jesus also gave peace, forgiveness and hope.
Gifts such as love, peace, forgiveness and hope are more important than any physical gifts we might give to other people. We should follow Jesus’ example and give these things to other people.
Look for opportunities to give gifts today. Give peace to a person who is struggling. Give forgiveness to a friend who hurt you. Give your love to someone who has no family. And give hope to people by telling them about Jesus.