Gifts for God (2)

God has given each of us the gift of 24 hours in every day. Some of us may live for 90 years, or we may only live for 35 years. But every person has 24 hours each day of their life to use for God.
God wants us to give Him the gift of our time. If God is most important in our lives, we need to make sure we give Him our time. First, we can give God our time by reading the Bible and praying every day. Reading the Bible is how God speaks to us. And through prayer, we communicate with Him.
Second, we can give God our time by doing everything throughout our day for Him. Verse 7 of our Bible Reading says, “Do your work, and be happy doing it. Work as though it is the Lord you are serving, not just an earthly master.” When we are working at our jobs, we can remember that we are really working for God. When we are doing things for our family, we can remember that we are doing those things for God, too.
You have 24 hours today. What gift will you give God?