Gifts for God (3)

Today I want to talk about another gift we can give God — our obedience. Sometimes we don’t like to think about obeying God. We want to do things our own way. But God is wise and always knows what is best for us. So we should obey His commands.
Our Bible Reading today tells us two things that happen when we obey God. First, if “we obey what God has told us to do, then we are sure that we know him” (verse 3). Verse 4 continues to say that if “we say we know God but do not obey his commands, we are lying.” Do you truly want to know God? Then obey His commands.
Second, when we obey God “his love is truly working in us” (verse 5a). If we follow God’s commands, then God’s love will be working in our lives. When God’s love is at work in our lives, we will share the Good News about Jesus with other people. And those people will see God’s love in our lives.
It’s not always easy to obey God. Sometimes we fail. But through Jesus we have forgiveness. Give God the gift of your obedience today!