Gifts for God (4)

Another gift we can give God is our service. But how can we serve Him? In our Bible verses today, Jesus told His followers how they could serve God.
In these verses Jesus talked about when He will return to earth. He will divide people into two groups — godly people (sheep) and ungodly people (goats). The godly people will receive a reward. But the ungodly people will be “punished forever” (verse 46).
Jesus went on to say that the godly people were those who serve other people by giving them food, drink or clothing, or visiting them when they are sick or in prison. Jesus said that the ungodly people were those who do not serve others.
Today is Christmas Eve. This is a great day to look for opportunities to serve other people. Share a meal with someone who is alone. Give some clothing or blankets to needy people. Tell someone about the true meaning of Christmas. And don’t forget that when you serve others, you are serving God.