Gifts for Jesus

Our Bible Reading today is part of the Christmas story. These verses tell us about the wise men. We do not know a lot about these men, but they probably studied the stars.
The wise men came to see Jesus, “the king of the Jews” (verse 2). The gifts these men brought to Jesus were gifts that would be given to an earthly king — gold, frankincense and myrrh.
These gifts may seem strange to us today. Gold was a symbol for royalty and wealth. Many kings wore crowns made out of gold. When frankincense was burned, it gave off a very nice smell. This may have been a symbol of worship. Myrrh was a spice that was used to prepare bodies for burial. Perhaps this gift predicted Jesus’ death on the cross.
The wise men brought gifts to show honor to Jesus. We can show honor to Jesus by giving Him our lives and our service.