Gifts for Jesus

Today is Christmas Day. This is the day we remember Jesus? birth. Many people around the world will give each other gifts today. Most people think we cannot give a gift to Jesus. So instead, we give gifts to our family and friends.
Jesus is God?s Son. He owns everything in the world. He doesn?t need anything. But I think that we can give gifts to Jesus. What can we give to Him?
First, we can give Jesus our time. Our Bible Reading today tells us that when we use our time to help other people, we are helping Jesus, too. Spend some time today visiting a person in a hospital or a prison.
Second, we can give Jesus our money. Maybe we don?t have much money, but we can use some of it to help a church or a missionary. Use some of your money today to help spread the Good News about Jesus.
Third, we can give Jesus our love. We can do this by obeying Him every day. Look for ways today to do what Jesus wants you to do.