My friend and I were talking about gifts from God. She said that she didn’t have the gift of painting or writing. My friend thought that she did not have a special gift to help her serve God. I reminded her that she has a gift for helping others.
When an older person needs a ride to the doctor’s office, my friend is there to give them a ride. My friend takes food to people who cannot leave their homes. She does work that needs to be done in the church. My friend has a special gift from God, and she uses this gift to serve Him.
Another friend of mine is a principal in a junior high school. She has the gift of compassion (love). My friend loves and helps many troubled children in her school.
Maybe you think that God has not given you a special gift. Verse 11 of our Bible Reading tells us that every Christian has a gift. Use your gift to serve God the best that you can. If you do not know what your gift is, ask God to show you how you can serve Him.