Give Life*

Chapter 10 of the book of John is sometimes called the “shepherd chapter of the New Testament.” This chapter reminds us of Psalm chapter 23, written by King David. Often this psalm is called the “Shepherd Psalm.” Many times Jesus called Himself the “good shepherd.”
There were many shepherds when Jesus lived on earth. People thought that shepherds were rough people. Many Jews looked down on shepherds and thought they were not important people. But Jesus called Himself a shepherd to show us that He loves us and takes care of us.
The most important thing that a shepherd does is take care of his sheep. Jesus takes care of us, too. Even though Jesus is the Lord and King of the universe, He still loves all people. Verse 10b of our Bible Reading is an important verse for us to remember. “But I came to give life – life that is full and good.”
Jesus is your shepherd. He loves you and wants you to follow Him.