Give Thanks

It is good to give thanks to God all the time. We have so much that we can be thankful for. We should start thanking God when we wake up in the morning. And we should continue to thank Him until we close our eyes at night.
God has given us so many blessings that we don’t deserve — the beauty of a morning sunrise, a golden sunset, a new baby or leading someone to love and serve God. We work to earn money to buy food, homes, cars and other possessions. But God gave us the strength and ability to do our jobs.
Verse 1 of our Bible Reading says, “I praise the Lord with all my heart. Lord, I will tell about all the wonderful things you did.” This verse reminds us to tell other people what God has done for us. It is especially important that we share this with our children and teach them to be thankful.
Be thankful today for what God has done for you. Praise Him and serve Him all your life.