Give Thanks

God is so good! We have many reasons to thank Him every day. Our Bible Reading today talks about many things that God has done. He made the world for us to enjoy. He made the dry land, the oceans, and the sun, moon and stars.
These verses also tell us how God took care of His people, the Israelites. He led them out of slavery in Egypt, across the Red Sea and to a new land. Then God helped the Israelites defeat their enemies in the new land. Verses 24 and 25 remind us that God protects us from our enemies and gives us food every day.
But probably the most important thing God does for us is love us! Each verse of this chapter includes the same words: “His true love continues forever.”
At this time of Thanksgiving, stop and think about the many things that God has done for you. Remember to thank Him for your family, your home and most of all, for Jesus!