Giving (1)

In our Bible Reading today, Paul continued to talk to the Christians in Corinth about giving. He encouraged the people to give what they wanted to give. And, Paul said that ?a person should not give if he thinks he is forced to give? (verse 7b).
Sometimes when we talk about giving, we think only about money. But if we want to give generously, we can give more than money. We can give our time, our talents and our love. Imagine how happy the world would be if everyone shared their love with other people.
We need to open up our hearts and give our time, our love and our gifts to help God?s kingdom grow. Then God will bless us and show us His grace (kindness).
Talk to God today about your giving. Ask Him to show you ways you can give to other people. And ask Him to help you use your talents and time wisely.