Giving (2)

Another important thing to remember about giving is that every Christian is a steward. A steward is one who oversees and takes care of another’s property. Every Christian is to be a steward of what God has given us.
In our Bible reading, Jesus told a parable about three servants. The servants were given bags of money. One servant received five bags. Another servant received two bags. The third servant received one bag. The first two servants invested their money and earned more money. The third servant did not invest his money. The first two servants were rewarded for doing something with their money. The third servant was punished for not being a good steward of the money he was given.
Many Christians think that money is theirs and they are giving their money to God. Instead we need to understand that everything belongs to God, and He gives us opportunities to give back to Him.
Let’s use what God gives us to please and honor Him!