Sometimes people say that the foundation of a country is the farmers who produce food for that country. We eat food every day. But we do not stop and think about the farmers who produced the food for us.
Verse 6 of our Bible Reading might be talking about farmers. “Remember this: The person who plants little will harvest only a little. But the person who plants much will harvest much.” If a farmer only plants a few seeds, he will only have a small crop. But if a farmer plants many seeds, he will harvest a large crop.
In these verses, however, Paul is talking about a spiritual harvest. If we give only a little money or use only a few of our talents for God, He will only bless us a little. But if we give generously of our money and our talents, God will bless us generously.
Maybe today God will give you opportunities to give your money or your talents to help His kingdom. Ask God to help you be generous in your giving.