In my yard, I have a birdbath that collects rainwater. I never change the water, so the bottom of the bath is dirty and slimy. And sometimes when there is no rain, the birdbath has no water in it.
I also have a small fountain in my yard. The fountain has a spout, and clean water is constantly flowing into the bowl. When the bowl is full, the water spills over into another bowl. Then this water is recycled and used again.
My fountain reminds me of our Bible verses today. In these verses, Jesus talked about giving. He said that people who give will also receive blessings from God. “You will be given so much that it will spill into your lap” (verse 38b).
When we do not give our time, money and possessions to help other people, we are like the birdbath. But when we are willing to share with other people, we are like the fountain. God’s blessings to us just keep coming and coming.
Remember that the “way you give to other people is the way God will give to you” (verse 38b).