Giving Grace

Colleen’s husband died. Soon after that, she attended a worship service. When the offering plate was passed, Colleen was not sure what to do. She only had ten dollars, and she needed that to buy food.
Finally, Colleen decided to put her ten dollars in the offering plate. Later that night, Colleen’s sister-in-law came to visit her. She gave Colleen an envelope from someone in the church. Colleen opened the envelope and found a twenty dollar bill!
That story about Colleen is a good lesson for us. In our Bible Reading today, God tells the Jews that they should test Him. If they bring their offerings to Him, God will bless them. “Good things will come to you like rain falling from the sky. You will have more than enough of everything” (verse 10b).
God wants us to give to Him through our offerings and through helping other people. Be sure to give to God today!