Giving Grace

Our Bible Reading today is about a man who received grace (forgiveness), but he did not show grace to others. Because that man did not forgive others, the grace was taken away from him.
Jesus told this story to teach us that we should forgive other people. Why? Because God forgave us. Notice that the servant in this story had already received forgiveness from the king. But when that man refused to forgive others, the king took away his forgiveness. Then the servant received his full punishment.
We can receive God’s grace and forgiveness. But, if we do not let His grace change our lives, then that grace does not do us any good. If we allow our hearts to be selfish, ungrateful and evil, we still will not be saved. God wants us to give up our sinful desires so we can receive the full benefits of His grace.
God has shown us grace by forgiving our sins. So God expects us to show forgiveness and grace to other people.