Giving Thanks (1)

It is very important for us to give thanks to God. Our Bible Reading today is one of the many times in the Bible that we are encouraged to thank God for all He has done for us.
When we pray, our prayers should be full of thanks. Then our thanks should lead us to praise God. Verse 34 of our Bible Reading says, “Praise him, heaven and earth! Sea and everything in it, praise him!”
I know some Christians who grumble and complain to God. This shows that they are not thankful for what God has done for them. In the Old Testament we read that the Israelites often complained to God. Then God allowed bad things to happen to them. Later, the Israelites realized that they should always give thanks to God.
Soon it will be Thanksgiving Day in America. Do you give thanks to God every day? For the next few days we will look at some questions about giving thanks. Begin today to show your thanks to God.