Giving Thanks (1)

A group of people came to America in December of 1620. They had sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to make their homes in this new land. These people were called Pilgrims. They came to America so they could be free to worship God in their own way.
But the Pilgrims faced hard times. Their first winter was filled with cold weather and starvation. Some Indians helped the Pilgrims learn about planting crops. After the first successful harvest, the Pilgrims celebrated with a three-day feast. The Pilgrims gave thanks to God for helping them survive. Today in America, people still remember the Pilgrims and celebrate a special day of giving thanks to God.
No matter where you live, you can give thanks to God all year long. Verses 1-2a of our Bible Reading encourage us to give thanks. “Thank the Lord, because he is good! His love is forever! That is what every person that the Lord has saved should say.”
What can you thank God for today?