Giving Thanks (2)

The journey to America was probably much more difficult than the Pilgrims imagined it would be. The ship was not built to carry passengers. It was crowded, and most people spent their time below deck where there was no privacy. The ocean was often rough, and many people became seasick. Some were even injured when they were tossed around during a storm.
The Pilgrims endured these terrible conditions for sixty-five days. Why? Because they were looking forward to the day when they could worship God in America.
I imagine that the Pilgrims spent much of their time praying that God would keep them healthy and safe. In our Bible verses today, the writer says, “I love the Lord for hearing me, for listening to my prayers. Yes, he paid attention to me, so I will always call to him whenever I need help” (verses 1-2).
God is with you today. Thank Him for paying attention to your prayers.