Giving Thanks (2)

The Pilgrims continued to live in America. But in 1623, they experienced a drought — a time when there was no rain and no crops. Again the Pilgrims prayed to God. As they were praying, it started raining. The Pilgrims celebrated with another time of thanksgiving to God.
This reminds me of the wonderful things that God did for His special people, the Israelites. God brought them out of slavery in Egypt. Then He gave them food and water while they were traveling. And many times God defeated the enemies of the Israelites. Why did God do these things? Because He loved His special people.
God loves you, too. And He has done many wonderful things for you. Take some time today to make a list of your blessings — your family, home, job, friends, food, and most important, salvation through Jesus.
Be like the people in our Bible Reading. “Come into his city with songs of thanks” (verse 4a).