Giving Thanks (4)

Our next question about giving thanks is: Who should give thanks? Praising God and giving thanks are two very important things for Christians to do. Many times in the Bible, Christians are commanded to give thanks and praise God. Psalm 107:1-2a says, “Praise the Lord because he is good! His faithful love will last forever! Everyone the Lord has saved should repeat that word of thanks.”
Our Bible Reading today tells us that Jesus healed ten men with leprosy, a terrible skin disease. These ten men asked Jesus to heal them, and Jesus healed all of them. But only one man thanked Jesus. Jesus must have been sad that the other nine men did not thank Him.
What about you? Maybe you are like the nine men. Maybe you enjoy life and accept things from God but do not thank God for these blessings. I hope you are like the one man who thanked Jesus.
Be like the man who thanked Jesus. Thank God and praise Him today and every day!