Giving Thanks (4)

Today is Thanksgiving Day in America. Many people will gather today with their families and friends. They will join with the writer of Psalm 107:1 and say, “Praise the Lord, because he is good! His faithful love will last forever!”
When the Pilgrims celebrated their day of thanks, they ate foods like duck, venison, fish, clams, berries, plums and pumpkins. Maybe you will eat some of the same foods for your dinner today.
The Pilgrims faced many difficult situations, but God continued to take care of them and bless them. We, too, may face problems, but when we ask God to help us, He will provide for us.
Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving Day or not, you can still take time today to thank God for what He has given you. You can thank Him for your family, your home and food, clothing, and most of all, for Jesus who gives us the promise of forgiveness and eternal life. Happy Thanksgiving!