Giving Thanks (6)

When I was young, I went to church with my parents. I watched them as they put their money in the offering basket each week. They called this money their “tithe.”
My parents told me that giving their tithe meant giving one-tenth of their money to God. I received $10 for my allowance. I did not want to give $1 of my allowance to God. Then my parents explained giving one-tenth was their way of thanking God for all the blessings He gave them.
In our Bible Reading we learn that Jacob was thankful and he gave a tithe to God. “I will give God one-tenth of all he gives me” (verse 22b). Paul explains in the New Testament that we should give money to God, too. We should do it because we love God and want to thank Him for taking care of us.
Think about how much God loves you and blesses you. Give with a willing heart!