Giving to God (1)

I help count the offering at my church every Sunday. There are always lots of checks and one dollar bills. There are also five, ten and twenty dollar bills. Sometimes there is even a one hundred dollar bill!
In our Bible Reading today, God told the Israelites that they were stealing from Him. Verses 8b-9a say, ?You should God has given you many wonderful things to enjoy. Make sure that you are giving something back to God.have given me one-tenth of your things. You should have given me special gifts. But you did not give those things to me. In this way, your whole nation has stolen things from me.?
My husband and I plan each week to give our offering to God. We do not want to steal from God. We give money to our local church. We also send money to help people take care of children in Romania and to help a church in Mexico. Offerings to God help churches, missionaries and other organizations share the Good News with people around the world.