Giving to God (2)

In the Old Testament, God told His people that they should give part of their crops to Him. Verse 5 tells us that the people gave the first part of their harvest. They kept the rest for themselves.
My husband and I have decided that we will give to God first. So we give God our offering before we pay our bills. Sometimes we must be very careful with the rest of our money. Often there are things we want to buy, but we don?t have enough money. I try to shop at stores where the things are less expensive. Sometimes I buy things at second-hand stores or garage sales.
Every Christian has a responsibility to give to God. We should not pay our bills first and give God what is left over. We should give God the first part. God will bless us and help us use the rest of our money wisely. And remember that the money you give to God will help other people learn about Jesus.