Go Another Way

I was only a few miles from the Deaf Missions office this morning when I noticed road construction signs ahead. I could see that the workers were stopping traffic and making them wait in a long line. I knew that if I waited, I would be late for work. So I decided to turn off the highway and go another way to the office.
Sometimes in life we need to stop and go another way. Maybe we see that our friends are leading us away from Jesus. Then we need to find new friends who follow Jesus. Or maybe we realize that our time on the computer is keeping us from studying the Bible. So we need to limit our time on the computer and make time to read and study God’s Word.
Our Bible Reading today reminds us that when we are following people who do wrong things, we should “turn around and go another way” (verse 15). Then we will be on the way that leads to salvation and eternal life in heaven.