Go to Church

Most of the people I know are excited to go to a restaurant or to an amusement park. But many people are not excited about going to church. These people say, ?Why should I go to church? I can read my Bible and pray at home.?
There are several reasons why it is good to go to church. We go to church to learn about God and His plan for our lives. We go to church to be with other Christians. When we are with other Christians, we can share our needs, pray together and encourage each other.
But probably the most important reason to go to church is to worship God. When we worship God, we feel safe, peacefuland joyful. It is true that we can be with God anywhere. But when we are in church with other Christians, we share God?s love with our brothers and sisters in Christ.
Someday Jesus will come again, and we will live forever with God. Until that day happens, I encourage you to go to church and worship God with other Christians.