Go to Jesus

I watched a little boy who was playing with his favorite truck. His head was bent down, and he was shaking the truck from side to side. I walked closer, and I could see that the truck had broken into many pieces.

When the little boy’s mother saw the problem, she ran to him. The little boy had tears in his eyes as he told his mother he was sure the truck could not be fixed. But his mother said that his father would look at it later. When the boy’s father came home, he searched through his tool box to find just the right tools to mend the truck.

One time Jesus met a man named Jairus whose daughter was sick. The man asked Jesus to heal his daughter. As they were going to Jairus’ house, they met someone who said that the man’s daughter had died. Luke 8:50 tells us what Jesus said. “Jesus heard this and said to Jairus, ‘Don’t be afraid! Just believe and your daughter will be well.”’ Jairus trusted Jesus, and He made Jairus’ daughter well again.

Sometimes things can become broken in our lives. We may become sick, or we may have money problems or someone we love may die. That’s when we need to go to Jesus. He always knows how to comfort us and help us face our problems. Turn to Jesus for help today!