Goals in Life (1)

Today and for the next few days, we will look at Bible verses that teach us some very important things. Each day we will look at a different goal that Christians should have.
Verse 33 of our Bible Reading says, “Lord, teach me your laws, and I will always follow them.” These laws are rules that will help us be strong Christians. I respect people who study the Bible. Often these people can remember many Bible verses. When they are faced with hard decisions, these verses give them wisdom.
Chapter 1 of Psalms talks about people who think about God’s Word. These people have strong faith. We can have a strong faith, too, if we learn about God’s laws and follow them. How can we do this? We need to read and study the Bible. Then God will bless us and give us joy.
We should want to learn more about God’s laws. But we should not want to learn so other people will think we are smart. Instead, we should want to learn so we can please and honor God.