Goals in Life (2)

Many years ago one of my teachers taught me that wisdom is being able to use knowledge in a good way. We all should want to have wisdom. But sometimes people want wisdom for the wrong reason. They want other people to admire them. Verse 34 of our Bible Reading today says, “Help me, and I will understand your teachings.” Here we learn that we should want to have wisdom so we can obey God’s Word.
We should also want to understand the Bible. If you are a Christian, you should want to obey God. You can’t do that if you don’t know what teachings you should obey. If you don’t read and study the Bible, you will not grow to be a strong Christian. You will stay a “baby” Christian. You will miss the joy of becoming a mature follower of Jesus.
Being a Christian is an exciting adventure. Part of that adventure is learning more about God’s Word. God’s Word will help you become a strong Christian. Then other people will see you and want to follow Jesus, too.