Goals in Life (4)

Psalm 78:1 says, “My people, listen to my teachings. Listen to the things I say.” The word “listen” in this verse means to pay attention to God’s teachings. It also means to read and obey God’s Word. Some people come to church and pretend to be a Christian just so they will be popular or make money.
I knew a person who said he was a Christian so that a certain woman would respect him and marry him. Some people think that if they go to church, other church members will go to their store or business. Then they hope to gain money from these Christians. These are wrong reasons for being a Christian or going to church.
God wants you to pay attention to His Word, the Bible. Why? He loves you and wants to forgive your sins. God wants you to worship and obey Him.
Verse 36 of our Bible Reading says, “Help me think about your Agreement instead of how to get rich.” We should pay attention to this verse. We should spend our time learning what God wants us to do instead of trying to become rich.