God All-Knowing

God is so awesome. Why? Because He knows everything! Wow! Our Bible Reading today tells us that God knows the name of every star in the sky. Verse 5b says, ?There is no limit to the things he [God] knows.?
If God knows everything, that means He knows everything that we do. God knows the good things we do ? when we help someone or when we tell someone about Jesus. And, He knows the bad things (sins) we do ? when we tell a lie or steal.
Sometimes when we sin, we try to hide it from God. But we cannot hide our sins from God. God knows every time we disobey Him. God is wise and all-knowing. He knows what is best for you and for me. God knows the future. We can depend on Him to take care of us today and tomorrow.
God knows everything about you. Depend on Him to lead you in the right way today. Thank Him for His wisdom and blessings.