God All-Powerful

The Old Testament has many different names for God. These names tell us about God’s character and work.

In our Bible verses today, God talked to Abraham. God told Abraham, “I am God All-Powerful” (verse 1b). The Hebrew name for God used in this verse is El Shaddai. Abraham witnessed God’s power many times throughout his life. With God’s power, Abraham and his wife, Sarah, were able to have a son and many descendents.

Abraham trusted God to take care of him and to keep His promises. So God blessed Abraham. We, too, need to trust God every day. We need to depend on His Word, the Bible, and believe that God can do things that people cannot do.

God is working in your life, too. Keep trusting Him and His words in the Bible. Remember that God is truly All-Powerful. And thank Him for the ways He will work in your life today.