God All-Powerful

Yesterday we talked about Hagar. Abram had a son by Hagar. The son was named Ishmael. But Ishmael was not the son that God had promised to Abram and Sarai. Years later, God spoke to Abram. Genesis 17:1-2 tells us that God made an agreement with Abram. “When Abram was 99 years old, the Lord appeared to him. He said, ‘I am God All-Powerful. Obey me and live the right way. If you do this, I will prepare an agreement between us. I will promise to make your people a great nation.’”

In the Old Testament we can read many different names for God. These names often described one of God’s characteristics or told about something that He had done. The name used in Genesis, chapter 17, for God is El Shaddai, which means “God All- Powerful.” This name refers to God as the One who supplies all our needs — just like a mother takes care of her children. Several years later, God gave Abram and Sarai a son named Isaac. This happened because of God’s great power.

That same God who provided for Abram, will provide for you today, too. If you love God, obey Him and serve Him, He will take care of your daily needs and give you more blessings than you can imagine!