God Always Loves Us

When I was growing up, my family went to a park called Candy Cane Land. When my brother was 6 years old, he decided one day that he wanted to go to the park. But everyone in the family was busy, so he sneaked out the back door and walked to the park.

Soon my parents noticed that he was gone. They searched and searched for my brother. Finally an Amber Alert was issued so people in the area could be searching for him, too. Later in the day, my grandmother drove past Candy Cane Land park and saw my brother there, playing in the sand.

Sometimes we think that we can go our own way in life. We ignore God and His Word. But God is always waiting for us to return to Him and have a close fellowship with Him. God loves us — even when we turn away from Him. Our Bible verses remind us that “nothing can separate us from God’s love” (verse 38a).

Praise God and thank Him for His everlasting love!