God Answered

My two daughters wanted me to be with them when their babies were born. I thought this would be impossible. Why? Because one daughter lives 300 miles away, and the other one lives almost 3000 miles away. I could not imagine how I could be with my daughters. But God could!
Each time my daughters were pregnant, I prayed and God made it possible for me to be there. God answered my prayers with a “Yes!” four times. I saw all four of my grandchildren take their first breaths. Wow! God is awesome!
In verses 19-20 of our Bible Reading today, the writer said, “God listened to me. God heard my prayer. Praise God! God did not turn away from me — he listened to my prayer. God showed his love to me!”
When you pray, God pays attention to you. He answers each prayer with yes, no or wait. Each time God answers our prayers according to His will.
God has the right answers for you today.