God Answers Prayers

I was planning a trip. So I prayed that God would work out all the details so I could go on the trip. I was amazed how God made things happen so I could take the trip.
Our Bible Reading tells us that Peter was in jail. The believers prayed that God would protect and help Peter. They probably did not think that God would send an angel to lead Peter out of jail. So when Peter appeared at the door of the house where they were praying, they didn’t believe it at first.
When the believers finally realized that it really was Peter, they “were amazed” (verse 16b). Peter explained how God had helped him. Then he told the people to tell “James and the other brothers what happened” (verse 17b).
When God answers our prayers, we should thank Him and tell other people how God helped us. This will help them understand that God truly pays attention to our prayers and answers them.