God Blesses

I went to a home center to pick up a $200 item that had been backordered. The salesman looked at my receipt. He thought that I had already paid for the item. So he told me to take it and put it in my car. But I knew that I had not paid the $200. I could have taken it for free, but I knew that was stealing. So I paid for the item and took it home.
Sometimes we may think that we are getting away with stealing something, but God knows. I could have taken that $200 item home free, but I knew that was not right. When I went home, I felt good because I had done the right thing.
Our Bible verses today tell us that God blesses people who choose to do right things. Verse 20 says, “God will bless the person who follows him. But a person who is only trying to get rich will be punished.”
People in the world tell us it is okay to cheat and steal. But God says those things are wrong. Be sure that you do what is right today.