God Can Do Anything

Our Bible verses for today are often read at Christmas time. These verses tell us about the angel Gabriel visiting Mary. Gabriel told Mary that she would give birth to God’s Son. In verse 37 Gabriel said, “God can do anything!”
Sometimes people quote this verse when they are talking about someone who has been miraculously healed. Or when a missionary is able to share the Good News about Jesus in a country that does not worship God.
But I think we can apply this verse to our lives, too. All of us go through problems. We may start to wonder why God isn’t helping us. We may even doubt that God really exists.
But then God does something for us, and we understand that He is always with us. God always cares about us. And when the time is right, He will do great things in our lives. At these times, we know that “God can do anything!”
Don’t ever forget what God can do in your life. Trust Him, and He will bless you!