God Can Use You

Recently I stopped my car at a red light, and a beat-up old pickup stopped beside me. The man driving the pickup lowered his window, so I lowered mine, too. I could see that this middle-aged man had a pony-tail, some body piercings and tattoos.
The man said to me, “Sir, do you believe that God speaks to people today?” I told him that I did. Then he said, “When I saw you, God told me that you are a Christian.” We talked for a few seconds about how God knows all about us and communicates with us. Then the light changed to green, and we drove off.
That was a wonderful experience for me! God used that man to remind me that He chooses all kinds of people to serve Him. Our Bible Reading for today tells us that God chose Saul, who hated Christians, to be the person to spread the Gospel to Gentiles.
God can use all people to serve and honor Him. Look for ways that He can use you today.