God Can Use You

The Bible tells us about many people who loved God and served Him. Even though these people followed God, they faced problems in their lives. Jacob had a problem with lying, David committed adultery and murder, and Jesus’ followers all ran away when Jesus needed them most. But God was still able to use these people to serve Him.

One of God’s great leaders was Moses. God told Moses to go to Egypt and help free the Israelites from slavery. Exodus 4:10 tells us Moses’ response to God. “Then Moses said to the Lord. ‘But Lord, I am telling you, I am not a good speaker. I have never been able to speak well. And that hasn’t changed since you started talking to me. I am still not a good speaker. You know that I speak slowly and don’t use the best words.’”

Even though Moses had a problem speaking, God told him that He would be with him and give him the right words to say. That’s exactly what happened! With God’s help, Moses was able to lead the Israelites out of Egypt and into a new land.

You have problems in your life, too. But God can still use you to serve Him. Ask God to help you find a place of service today!