God Cares for Me

One day I was reading through the book of Job. It was hard for me to understand everything I read. Then I came to chapter 39. I laughed as I read how God described the foolish ostrich and the brave horse.
As I was reading these verses, I looked out my window. I saw a squirrel hopping around on my driveway. I watched the squirrel as he scampered up a nearby tree. I thought about how God made the squirrel to build a warm and safe nest for the wintertime.
God created all the animals to be different. Each animal serves a special purpose in God’s plan. Our Bible Reading reminds us that the ostrich is not a smart bird, but it can run faster than a horse! Matthew 6:26 says that God takes care of the birds. If God takes care of the animals, I know that He will also take care of me.
I do not worry about understanding everything in the book of Job. I know that God loves me and will take care of me. That’s all I need to know!