God is in Control (3/7/18)

We all like to feel that we are important people. We like to be the person who decides which game to play, what restaurant we will eat at or which movie to watch. We want to be in control of our lives and to make all the big decisions.

The truth is that the One who is in control of all areas of our lives is God. We can’t do anything or go anywhere unless God allows it. The prophet Jeremiah talked about God being in control in Lamentations 3:37- 38. “No one can say something and make it happen, unless the Lord orders it. God Most High commands both good and bad things to happen.”

God is always working in our lives. He wants to be our teacher. He wants to lead us in the way He wants us to go. But sometimes we may choose not to obey God. Then God may allow us to do things that He knows are not good for us. God uses these experiences to help us grow spiritually and to learn to depend on Him more.

God is in control of your life. Are you paying attention to what He says in His Word, the Bible? Are you following Jesus’ example of obedience and faith? Honor God and let Him be your Lord today!