God Controls All

Our devotion yesterday talked about God owning everything in the world. Today we will talk about God controlling everything in the world. I think about this a lot during the summer time. Why? Because many tornadoes happen in Iowa during the months of May through August. Also, it is often very windy on the hill where I live.
Whether it is a strong wind or a tornado, I know that I cannot control it. No person can control the wind. If I see a tornado coming, I need to run for shelter because I know that I cannot change a tornado’s path. Only God can do that.
In our Bible Reading, God is talking to Job. God reminds Job that He is all-powerful. God tells Job that He controls the sun, the sea, the orbit of the planets, and weather ? snow, hail, wind and rain.
When I think about God controlling everything, I feel good. If God has the power to control everything, then I know that He also has the power to take care of me. Thank You, God, for Your awesome power!