God Did It!

Our Bible verses tell us that one day Peter and John went to the temple to pray. A crippled man was there, begging for money. The man asked Peter for money. Peter told the man that he did not have any money, but he would give him something else. Peter said to the man (verse 6b), “By the power of Jesus Christ from Nazareth — stand up and walk!”
The man stood up and walked. “He was walking and jumping and praising God” (verse 8b). The other people were amazed. They thought that Peter had healed the man. But Peter assured them (verse 13a), “No, God did it!”
Sometimes we pray and ask God to heal a person. When God answers that prayer, should we think that it happened because our prayers are so good? No! God made it happen, not us.
Be sure that you always give God the praise and glory when He answers your prayers. Thank Him for His wonderful power.