God Everywhere

God is awesome because He is everywhere. Wow! Psalm 139:5a says, ?Lord, you are all around me ? in front and in back of me.?
It is sometimes hard to understand how God can be everywhere in the world. But verses 8-10 of our Bible Reading tell us, ?Lord, if I go up to heaven, you are there. If I go down to the place of death, you are there. Lord, if I go east where the sun rises, you are there. If I go west to the sea, you are there. Even there your right hand holds me, and you lead me by the hand.?
God can help us if we live in a big city in the United States or on a high mountain in Asia. God is with us when we are asleep or when we are driving down the highway. Our Bible Reading even tells us that God was with us before we were born!
No matter where you go today or no matter what you do, God will be with you. So, don?t be afraid or lonely. Remember that God is everywhere in the world.