God Faithful

God is so awesome because He is faithful. Wow! Our Bible Reading today tells us that God?s faithfulness (loyalty) continues forever. Verse 2 says, ?Lord, I truly believe your love is forever. Your loyalty continues like the skies.?
Sometimes we have friends who stay with us for a short time. But when bad times happen, these friends leave us. These friends are not faithful. But God is not like that. He will not leave us. We can always depend on Him.
God shows us His faithfulness through His promises. God promised that one day He would send a Savior to forgive sins. God was faithful ? He sent His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross. God promises that He will take care of us. God is faithful ?He blesses us with good things every day.
God also promises that He is preparing a home where we can live with Him forever. We can know for sure that Christians will live forever with Him in a wonderful place.
Think about God?s promises today. Praise Him for His faithfulness.