God Forgives

I like to remember good things that happen to me. Sometimes I make a scrapbook to help me remember an event in my life. I paste pictures, articles and clippings in my scrapbook.
In our Bible Reading today, David remembered something bad that happened to him. David did something wrong, and God punished him (verse 3). David was filled with guilt, and his guilt was like a terrible sickness.
David said that he was “guilty of doing bad things” (verse 4), that he “did a foolish thing” (verse 5) and that he was “sad about” his sins (verse 18).
In this psalm, David admitted his sin and asked God to help him. That is what we should do. When we sin, we should tell God that we have done something wrong. Then we should ask God to forgive us. Finally, we should ask God to help us not do that wrong thing again.
Confess your sins to God today. He will forgive and comfort you.