God Guides Us (1)

Recently we gave our eleven-year-old daughter a new bicycle. She loves to ride it! But we live in a neighborhood that has lots of traffic. So often she rides her bicycle near me as I jog.
I have taught her to use hand signals, to verbally warn people who are walking near her and to always be aware of cars backing out of driveways. I watch her ride and correct her. Often I wave my hand or nod my head to give her guidance.
God is our heavenly Father. He always wants us to follow and obey Him. In verse 8 of our Bible Reading, God said, “I will teach you and guide you on the way you should live. I will protect you and be your guide.”
God blesses us and gives us opportunities to grow. And God gives us His rules in His book, the Bible. He is happy when we learn from His correction and do what He wants us to do.
Your thoughts are very important. Be sure to control your thoughts today. Think about things that please and honor God.