God Guides Us (3)

My daughter stopped her bicycle at the corner. She looked back at me to see if it was okay for her to cross the street. But a big truck was coming down the street, and I knew that the driver didn’t see us. I motioned for my daughter to wait. After the truck passed, I made eye-contact with the next driver who stopped to allow us to cross the street.
That day my daughter learned that sometimes drivers have blind spots — areas where they are not able to see traffic around them. Sometimes in life we have blind spots, too. These are times when we cannot see the “big picture” in life. Then we must depend on God and His Spirit to lead us.
In our Bible Reading today, Jesus was talking with His disciples. They did not understand that Jesus had to die, rise again and then leave the earth. Jesus told them about the Helper (Holy Spirit) who would come to comfort them.
We can depend on the Holy Spirit today to lead us and help us learn the truth about God.